Environments configuration made easy with Gradle

Have you ever dealt with a situation where you need a config for a test, development and/or production environtments? Well, I had. When developing a rails project that’s granted for free. The framework provides it for you. Well, but in Java? Things get a bit more dificult. Different architechtures, different pieces of software.

For my Java projects I use Gradle as my build tool. It is an open source project under active development, has a company behind it provinding the necessary support and is used by a lot of interesting projects. It uses a plugin system provinding aditional functionality and besides all this, it is simple and a pleasure to work with it! I really recommend it. But even with all of these beneficts that I said it doesn’t have a mechanism to handle different development environments.

Well, at least until now. I’ve developed a plugin to do so. You’ll find all the info needed here on how to use it. Enjoy!